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“We were testing a lot of Helpdesk systems, but Freshdesk was clearly the best. We now offer multi-brand support to our customers in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland and Russia!”

- Jana Kalasova customer_logo

97% said AWESOME!
Customer_okay 3 said just OK
Customer_okay 0 said not so good

Where do these metrics come from?

From you, our customers. Everytime we resolve one of your tickets, you get an email asking you for feedback on your recent support experience. This report is a collection of the last 100 ratings we got from customers like you.

What do they mean?

Quite a bit, actually. We believe every single support ticket is a chance to wow a customer. And every time we get a “not good” or “ok” response, it kills us a bit. The report is a good indicator of how well we’ve been on our mission.

Why is it public?

We think throwing our support ratings open to the world works way better than just promising you great support and transparency with words. Plus, we are accountable for making you delirious with joy. And here’s to prove it.

Our Customer Success Agents

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  • Arjun Paliath Arjun
  • Annapoorna Poorna
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  • Shankar Shankar
  • Raghuvaran Raghu

The last 100 customer support ratings.

Happy Customers Say Cheese.

We are a customer support company. Which means making customers happy isn’t just a metric for us - it’s our business.
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